The Story



What is Wilhelm Seam?

Wilhelm Seam is a small-batch leather goods company making hand-made wallets, keychains, and other accessories in a small studio in Somerville, Massachusetts. Though Wilhelm Seam was officially founded in 2016, leather craft has been a passion of mine for some time. Through years of iterations and refinements, these goods are designed for daily use, intersecting a rugged style with functional practicality. My goal is for every customer to enjoy using Wilhelm Seam leather goods as much as I enjoy making them.

Who is Wilhelm Seam?

I am a mechanical engineer that specializes in design and manufacturing by day and a leather craftsman making Wilhelm Seam goods by night. Throughout my engineering career I have focused on designing automated systems to help companies manufacture products at high volumes. Wilhelm Seam is my way of doing the complete opposite of what my education and experience have taught me - making small batches of leather products with my own two hands and some tools. I personally design and make everything branded as Wilhelm Seam.

Where do the items that you use in your daily life come from? Who makes them? What materials are they made out of? How are they made? Why are they made in the first place? These are questions I consider with my personal possessions and I approach Wilhelm Seam products with the understanding that my customers are interested in knowing these answers as well.

I am fascinated by items that are designed and made to last well beyond the life of their original owner and the well-worn look those items develop over time and use. Each product I make uses this idea as the main source of inspiration.

What types of products does Wilhelm Seam make?

My main focus is to make the best wallet you will ever own, but I also make a number of other accessories like key-chains, jewelry, and so on. Leather is natural material and each item will have slight variations in color consistency. My products are all hand-sewn and each will also have slight variations in stitching. Each is truly unique and they will break in depending on how you use them, like a good pair of boots. 

Where can I buy Wilhelm Seam products?

My web shop is now live! Additionally, you can find me at many Boston-metro area artist and maker pop-up events. Being focused on small batches, I love meeting customers face-to-face. There is also a curated selection in stock at a few stores.

What's with the name?

The name "Wilhelm Seam" is a pun of Wilhelm scream. There are a few videos on YouTube that may better clarify. I am very much into mathematical interpretations of language and once the vowels are removed, "Wilhelm" can be turned into an ambigram that is found on some of my products: WLH˥M. The "Seam" part of the name is based on the common thread of stitching in almost all of my products. Finally, the sound bite used as the Wilhelm scream in films has stood the test of time, which is what I intend for all my products.