Caring for Your Leather Goods

Break-in period

You may notice that it takes a little bit of effort to insert or remove credit cards into the slots of your Wilhelm Seam wallet when you first start using it. There is a break-in period with my wallets due to the nature of the leather I use to make them. By design the wallets intentionally start out tight so that when the leather wears-in with use the pockets do not become so loose that the cards fall out. I'd liken the process to breaking in a pair of good leather work boots or oxford shoes.

Typically it takes about two to three weeks of regular use for the leather to start stretching out a bit and form around the credit cards and cash. For all the credit card slots in each of my models, they will stretch out from daily use of just being in a pocket and being moved around, handled, sat on, and putting in and pulling out the credit cards. The interior of the leather pockets will smooth out over time in addition to the leather stretching, so inserting and removing cards should take minimal effort once the wallet is fully broken in.


Wilhelm Seam wallets generally use oil-tanned leathers which do not need much care with typical use. If needed, use a soft cloth slightly dampened with warm water to wipe off any excess dirt. Once or twice a year, or if a more detailed cleaning is needed periodically, a warm cloth along with a small amount of Fiebing's Saddle Soap will do the trick. To remove scuffs and restore sheen, use a soft cloth or a horsehair brush from your shoe-shining kit to buff.

Patina Keychain & Shackle Bracelet

With time and use Wilhelm Seam's vegetable-tanned leather products will darken and form a nice patina as they are exposed to various environments and natural light. This type of leather may require some extra care in order to keep it in top condition. For best results use Fiebing's Saddle Soap to clean, Fiebing's Pure Neatsfoot Oil to condition, and Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP to protect. A more simple method would be to use a cloth slightly dampened with warm water to clean the leather, let it dry, then apply Obenauf's.  


There are a number of ways to take care of your Wilhelm Seam products and the recommendations above cover the most comprehensive methods. The recommended products may also be used on your other leather goods such as shoes, belts, bags, boots, etc. If you are unsure of how a leather conditioning or cleaning product will react with the leather, be sure to test it on a small hidden area of the leather first. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!